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If you need protection from the surge of a storm or hurricane (categories 1 through 5), including impact from marine vessels such as barges, then you need the patented Double Wall Impact Levee System. This system, called the "Pi Levee", has been designed and tested by Sam Z. Scandaliato, Professional Civil and Structural Engineer.

This levee system has the following unique advantages over typical current earthen levee systems:

  • Fast and simple installation
  • It can be built in existing, small rights-of-way with no expropriating of private or public property
  • Eliminates subsidence that affects earthen levees
  • Little or no seepage problems
  • Preserves historic areas without adverse impact
  • Easy to maintain and requires little or no maintenance over time
  • Can be installed to raise existing earthen levees to current estimates for future flood heights
  • No special clays or soils are required to construct or raise earthen levees
  • Does not rely on mechanical pumps or other devices which require onsite supervision during hurricanes
  • Can be used to protect roads, buildings, industrial facilities, and streets from flooding
  • Can be used to protect tank forms from spills which could impact communities from flooding of hazardous liquids
  • Does not break or fracture when hit due to its impact resistant design
  • Effective performance, even in poor soil conditions

Along with these notable advantages, the Double Wall Impact Levee System is both highly adaptable and affordable. Higher, stronger levees can be built using existing soil conditions to maximize protection, and can be constructed faster and cheaper than other proposed designs.

The efficacy of this levee system has been proven through comprehensive testing and data analysis done by Texas A & M University researchers Jennifer Irish, Ph.D. and Giovanna Biscontin, Ph.D. The study and data analysis has been listed here in as part of the Executive Summary.

**Please note that the results of this study and the content and data contained in the Texas A&M report are considered proprietary and trade secrets of Sam Z. Scandaliato and are protected by a United States Patent.**

If the Executive Study is not displaying, please view the attached PDF containing the study here.

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